about me

Hello there! I'm Gina, a photographer/food lover/home maker. 

Hello There Home is the product of my recent decision to become self-employed. Last year I moved with my husband to the wonderful St. Simons Island where I quickly adapted to the low key beach life. After a few months on this beautiful island, I decided to work from home to take over more responsibility of our photography company. At first I felt lost but I then realized how much time I had to do what I really love, learn and create. It has been amazing. Aside from photography duties, I spend most of my time reading, cooking and beautifying our home. I started this blog as an outlet to share all the things I am learning with my new found free time! 

Here you will find my home projects, delicious and healthy recipes, interesting finds from around the web and any exciting photography excursions. I love to hear from readers because without you, this whole blogging thing would be pretty boring. Your comments and feedback mean so much! Feel free to contact me with any feedback or questions, or just to say "hi." Thanks for stopping by!