Wednesday, October 30, 2013

healthy gut overload

If you have been reading along with our healthy gut posts you have hopefully learned a lot but may be feeling a little overwhelmed. I realize I am throwing lots of information at you and thought if I were hearing this all at once I might feel a little defeated. Frequently I have friends ask me if they did one thing to change their diet what would it be and I always say drink green smoothies (or juice). To me that is the first step toward making sure you are getting all the greens you need to balance your diet and if you load it with hearty greens like kale it will naturally cleanse you.

Well speaking of cleanse. If you are looking at the posts and wanting a chance to start over then a detox might be just what you need. I have been going through a busy season and with busy seasons comes eating out. I have been thinking lately about doing a quick weekend detox to give myself a jump start so I thought for this weeks healthy gut post we could talk detox. Anytime is a great time to detox but this might be a great tip for you to keep in mind over the holidays while you are hoping from party to party. Last year I did a series on different detoxes so here are a few options to think about.

The Three Week Detox

A Weekend Detox

Ordering a Juice Cleanse

If you have never considered a detox before here is a post from the spring on why a detox is beneficial to you.


  1. Erin and I thought about doing a juicing detox before we figured out how much it would cost:/ I think our main goal right now is to get through school and then think about having a healthier gut and detoxing! Until gut feels horrible:(
    I dream of my first detox. Dream of it:)
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

    1. It is expensive but you could do a weekend detox pretty easily and inexpensively! Maybe once you have a break from school you can give it a shot.