Wednesday, October 16, 2013

fall is here

There is something about that first morning of fall air that gets me excited. As much as I love being warm on the beach I just can help but look forward to scarf and cardigan weather. It is finally fall outside but somehow the inside of my house has yet to catch up. I am now trying to get my house ready for to the falling leaves so here are a few of my strategies (rhyme not intended but to funny to take out). 

1. Blankets - Nothing makes a house cozier than draping blankets everywhere to cuddle with. (image via)

2. Candles - What makes a house feel warmer than candles lit? These especially nice now that it's getting dark earlier and the house could use that extra glow.

3. Hot Tea - There is nothing like a yummy cup of tea before bed. Try this Spiced Chai or even a Superfood Haute Chocolate for dessert.

4. A Fall Snack - After a long day at work, nothing is better than a yummy fall snack. These apple chips are my go to.


  1. I sure am going to miss the colder months. Snuggling on the couch with chunky knit throws and scarfs around my neck, lounging next to the fire reading a book. Sigh, I'm not sure I am ready to move into summer

    Dancing in Black

    1. There is something wonderful about the cooler months but I love when everything starts to bloom!

  2. Cose cosy fall! I drink so much tea nowadays... I just need a blanket and then winter can start! :)