Thursday, October 24, 2013

fall boots (in your budget)

The perfect fall boot can be hard to find. I always seem to gravitate toward ones that are way out of my budget (like these). I also have realized that when it comes to boots I am much pickier then I'd thought. I spent all last fall and winter looking for the perfect fall bootie and never found one. This year I am on the hunt again and am hoping a pair makes it to my closet before the cold weather is over. If you haven't checked 6pm before it is a great spot to find awesome deals on shoes. They also have free shipping! Here are a few of my favorites for amazing prices. 


  1. I found my perfect boots three years ago and still haven't found a new pair to replace them (and they will soon need to be replaced!). I am very picky too when it comes to boots.

    I bought myself a pair similar to n°6, but they're not as comfy and autumny as my three-years old perfect brown leather pair! :)

  2. I have about three pairs of this style of boots and I seriously wear one pair every single day! I was so happy when I found them all for about $40 or less too!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  3. Love this post! On the hunt for some booties as well. :)