Monday, September 23, 2013

portland: to stay

Typically when we travel our hotel is just that, a hotel. We leave early and come back late and it is just a bed and a shower to us. Our stay in Portland changed that. While we loved using Airbnb in Seattle Jim insisted we stay at Ace Hotel while in Portland. I had heard bits and pieces about Ace in the past but was pretty indifferent about it. Little did I know. We ended up LOVING it. It was the first time that where I stayed was one of the highlights of my trip. I never have been one to complain but rarely do I have this much to say about accommodations. It was amazing to have such a perfectly styled room with amazing toiletries and the perfect European style breakfast in the morning. After breakfast they had the greatest lobby to sit and read the paper in and connected to it was Stumptown Coffee and Clyde Common, our favorite coffee and restaurant in Portland. We have now been won over to the Ace family and will most likely stay there whenever we can. 

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