Friday, September 6, 2013

nicolena's inspiring spaces

Nicolena is one of those people that I’ve only spent a
small amount of time with but I feel like I know so well. Through instagram and what I know from mutual freinds I just thought if we were in the same town we would totally be friends. She is super cool and creative and has finally launched her company Type Face Collective. Her work is amazing. I really wish I could wallpaper my house in her handwriting. She is in the process of moving to Hawaii so I cannot wait to see how such a beautiful place inspires her even more. Since she is in between homes she is sharing some of her favorite inspiring spaces today. Meet Nicolena...

I truly believe your home to be an extension of who you are, how you want to live, & how you view the world around you. I have moved many times in my life, & through those transitions, I acquired the skill to nest rather quickly. Each new place, a new atmosphere! How the tone of a space or place affects me greatly, but this past year was an even bigger reminder of that truth! 

Working the night shift over this past year, I had to create an environment that would ensure sleep during the day. From gray walls, to room-darkening curtains, my room was a cave of sorts. The space I created, manufactured an environment of sleep. & I'm telling you, it worked! I lived the life of a vampire, sleeping during the day and living mostly at night (something I've learned the hard way, is one of the most unnatural things you can do to your body, mind, & spirit).

Now, I’m on the verge of another transition, and it is time for a drastic conversion of spaces! I leave in just a few short weeks & travel half way around the globe to Hawaii! I will be living with one of the most amazing families, living & working along side them. & I can’t wait to have my very own room in their lovely home!

My hope is to create a space the exact opposite of my room fit for a vampire. I want everything to be white, light & crisp. Continuing my minimalist tactics, all of me hungers for an atmosphere which harvests rejuvenation, rest, & an outlet to de-clutter the mind. Scandinavian design & decor always delivers in the minimal, white department; much like this simple cloud of a bed: 
In my room I also hope to have a workspace dedicated to inspire (mainly for my new business, Type Face Collective). Of course, anything from call out to me! Like this lovely studio arrangement:
In the past, I enjoyed surrounding myself with different stimuli (contrasting patterns, textures, artwork, words, colors, etc.), which could spark new thoughts & creations. But my current wish is to let the designs within my mind have room to unfold, raw & unhindered. In order my ideas to breathe, I plan on having a simple workspace – a white desk with humble key pieces for inspiration. This lovely array of artwork comes from as well!

white // minimal // light // rest // rejuvenation // joy    

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