Wednesday, September 4, 2013

mattie's historic home

I met Mattie our freshman year of college at UGA. I immediately loved her and her contagious smile. Since college it has been a blast staying in touch with her and keeping up with her amazing work. She is one of my most talented friends and is taking the paper world by storm. You can see her amazing work over at Puddleduck Paper Co. and check out her amazing blog Somethings. I asked Mattie to share her favorite thing about home...

My favorite thing about our home is the open floor plan. Do I sound like an HGTV episode? Our home is quite old - and actually where REM and the B-52's lived when they were in Athens. Cool, huh? That's my one claim to fame. Most old houses' rooms are separated and can be a bit dark. I should acknowledge that our house is so small I'm not really sure how it could be separated without feeling like cubicles but we're grateful it's not. 

There are only two real rooms on the lower level so our entryway, kitchen and living room area are very open and filled with natural light. I work from home and my studio is off of the living room, so I love that even though I'm "at work", I'm still part of life in the house and not hidden away in a lonely room. My studio is definitely my favorite room in our home. It's a space filled with so many different pieces that inspire me and my work. I'm blessed to be able to create for a living and love that my workspace reflects my style.

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