Friday, September 27, 2013

happy weekend!

I hope you have had a wonderful week! I have to say how excited I am that the monsoons have stopped here (darn hurricane season) and it feels like fall! I am sure Monday it will be 90 degrees again but for now I am wearing a sweater and it feels great. To all you who live where there are seasons this may not be a big deal to you but here cool weather is a treat. I hope you have amazing weekend planned (sweaters included) and here are a few interesting reads to hopefully make it even better.

10 ways to save your summer fruits and veggies without canning

An amazing greenhouse converted into a home (pictured above)

Do you worry too much?

15 ways to use a ladder

I Want to Soak Up Fig Season with this Fig and Thyme Tart

Totally transformed kitchen with just a few simple steps

Secrets to a better nights sleep

Thinking about yellow floors

I love this Things Fall Apart photo project

I think a puppy room during exam week is genius

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  1. I love that Things Fall Apart project too! And that greenhouse-home? Amazing! :)