Wednesday, August 21, 2013

thinking about backpacks

One of my favorite ways to travel is to leave my hotel in the morning and stay out until its time to head to bed. I love just walking around and exploring and I often don't even have an itinerary. The only dilemma with this is how much do I need to take with me for a day out and about and what to put it in. With that in mind, I have started looking for the perfect bag that can carry lots of goodies but won't weigh me down. I recently ordered this adorable camera bag but I am at a loss for what kind of purse to take. I was skimming the internet and kept on coming across the new trend of super chic backpacks. Now I am wondering is this the perfect middle ground? Just large enough to carry an iPad for in flight entertainment but also small enough to not be annoying to wear walking around all day. Here are a few great options I have found.

clockwise from left: Rockland Backpack by Need Supply Co., Triangle Tan Leather Knapsack by 20 Twenty Vintage, Mint Leather Backpack by Kokosina, Leather Rucksack by Madewell

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