Monday, August 26, 2013

the best travel apps

I like to think that I am a pretty relaxed traveller. I would say normally be sure of this but when I compare myself to Jim it puts all this into question. He is cool getting up late, taking his time getting a cup of coffee, seeing a few things then maybe take a nap before dinner. It is nice traveling with someone so laid back but for some trips I do want to make sure I see all there is to see. Being the only "planner" on this trip (and I'm not even very good at that) I have been on a search for apps and websites that will be the perfect travel companion for me.  I was shocked to find how many great resources there are out there! Here are a few that I will definitely be incorporating into my trip.

This website is the perfect match for me. Mosey helps you plan your adventures with the advice of others. Their tagline is "It's the perfect way to respond to the question 'Hey, I'm going to be in your town. What should I do?'" People can share their experiences in a town with directions, tips and images, Mosey helps you plan your activities with a step-by-step guide whether it is for a night out or a weekend away.

Tripit is an amazing app for keeping your full itinerary all in one place. You simply forward all confirmation emails to their email address and it automatically builds your itinerary. It syncs with your calendar and even gives directions to your next location. You can the access the information anytime on a computer or mobile device.

I love doing pre-trip research but I get easily overwhelmed by all the information out there. If I am traveling to a big city then it is even harder to only save information from the specific areas you are interested in. I thought the app Dcovery would be perfect to help with this. It pulls out the points of interest mentioned in articles and other pages you find online, lets you categorize them and then even adds pictures, maps and directions. It basically becomes your handy travel guide tailored to your specific interests. You can easily browse saved places or articles while on-the-go and avoid getting overwhelmed by google searches.

Out of town for work or need to get a few things done while on vacation? Free Wi-Fi Finder app helps you locate internet hotspots in your area. It works around the world and even provides directions to the hot spot you choose. I know I will be doing work during the second week we are gone so this might be a life saver for me.

For those times you can't plan ahead Scout helps you find things on your way there. It can show you local sights and attractions and then syncs them with the app when you arrive. Even better, it keeps up-to-date listings of recommended concerts, sporting events and other entertainment options while you are in town.

Last but not least, where to eat. This is one of the things Jim and I look forward to the most when traveling. We LOVE good food and love trying new places. Living on a tiny island means limited options for eating out so when we travel where to eat is usually the first thing we decide. I would love to sound more sophisticated and say museums are the most important, but often we will plan an entire day around where we want to eat. One of the hard things about finding where to eat is sorting through all the chains and not so local places. Lately I have fallen in love with LocalEats. This app narrows down the often overwhelming list of restaurants to the places frequented by in-the-know foodies. It takes choices from cities over the US and abroad all based of reviews and recommendations. You can browse by cuisine type and price range and it will show you the best in your area and even give directions there. Now I don't have to look like the loser who asks "where the locals eat."

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  1. So many useful apps! I don't think they'd all work in Europe, but I'll definitely give some a try. :)