Thursday, August 15, 2013

simple meals

On nights that I am in and out of the house cooking dinner can be a pain. One of my go to meals for those nights is a healthy version of a loaded baked potato. I like to top a sweet potato with anything from kale and ricotta to a pinto bean chili (or all 3!). I will cook a few sweet potatoes ahead of time when I see a busy week coming so all I'll have to do is heat them up. When I am ready for dinner I just sauté the toppings and enjoy a quick, delicious and filling meal.

You can also save a few sweet potatoes and make this for breakfast!


  1. Hmm I was debating what to make for dinner tonight. And I happen to have an already baked sweet potato waiting on me in the fridge! :) Thanks for the tip!

    1. perfecto!! i hope you enjoyed :)