Tuesday, August 13, 2013

prepping for guests

Since we moved to the beach two years ago the amount of guests we have stay with us has quadrupled. We love having friends and family coming to stay with us and I feel like have learned a few tips on how to be a better host. I don't always have time to do these things but when I am on my A-game I love to have a few of things ready for those visiting.

Our basic rule for when we have company is we provide fresh linens and breakfast. Since we have so many guests to do more would never work for us.

1. A Welcome Basket

I chose to use an old suitcase to put all our guest essentials. I picked up any local publications, take out menu's from our favorite restaurants and brochures for the area so guests can see what the island has to offer. I also put towels and any toiletries in there so everything they might need is in one place.

2. Providing Breakfast

I said last week that one of the main things I try offer guests when they come in town is homemade granola. This is the easiest thing to throw together and sometimes I even make it the night they arrive while we are catching up. I usually pick up a few cups of yogurt and offer milk so they can choose what they would like to eat with it. I also like to have bananas and some sort of berries on hand to top it off.

3. Coffee or Tea?

I try and make sure I know what my guests caffeine preferences are before we head to bed that first night. I have to admit I often fail at being the first one up with pancakes cooking so I try to make sure they are taken care of so I don't have to worry about setting an early alarm. We unfortunately do not have an everyday coffee maker and only have pour over coffee options so I offer these packets for those who aren't familiar with a pour over but want coffee before I am up to make it.

4. The Details

Since so many of our weekends we have weddings we often have to leave our guests for the night and try to make sure they have everything they need. We don't have cable so I ensure they know how to use our tv/netflix/hulu set up and have any passwords they need (especially wifi). We also offer our bikes, beach supplies and anything else they may want to use while visiting.

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