Friday, August 16, 2013

happy weekend!

Another weekend has arrived! I hope you had a wonderful and productive week and get to rest this weekend. I have spent every spare minute of my week planning our trip and I am looking forward to turning my brain off this weekend. My sister and her husband are visiting this weekend for the first time since Christmas and I am excited to spend time with them. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Here are a few reads for you too.

This recipe sounds too delicious not to try.

I love this movie club idea.

Would you try this wood paneling?

Love the idea of a fold up office.

How young should you start using Anti-Aginig Cream?

Funny Animals to Follow Online.

A great list of Netflix Documentaries worth watching.

LOVE this Bohemian House Tour.

How to do anything.

Amazing DIY side table (pictured above).

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