Thursday, July 11, 2013

young coconuts

My favorite snack on a hot summer day has to be coconut water and delicious coconut meat. It always amazes me that something so sweet and delicious is actually good for me. I am sure that once you try one you will be addicted too. You can find young coconut at any organic grocery stores or even our everyday grocery store carries them. If you want to give one a shot here is how to eat it.

Grab a chefs knife that is pretty sturdy. Turn to coconut onto its side and cut off the husk on the pointy end. You want to reveal the coconuts hard shell.

Hit the coconut a few times with the knife at a 45ยบ angle until the knife is wedged in.

Pry the top open being careful not to loose any of the delicious coconut water. 

After you pour out the water you can scrape out the coconut meat with a sturdy spatula or with a spoon.  You can drink the water and eat the meat straight out of the coconut! 

If you still aren't confident opening one yourself check out this video to help! 

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