Wednesday, July 10, 2013

dresser redo

I have been on a mission to update our bedroom. One of our main issues facing us is that our furniture is too large for our tiny room. We found this amazing dresser at a yard sale months ago (only $15!) and have been taking our sweet time painting it. While I was shooting a wedding Saturday night Jim surprised me by painting the dresser a perfect white with adorable gold handles. It turned out perfect. It is amazing how much brighter our room feels and how much more space it has already created.

The dresser update was pretty simple. The most important step was sanding the dresser. We can already tell where we sanded it poorly and the paint is rubbing off. Nothing a little touch up won't fix. We used a semi gloss paint because it is a little more forgiving than flat paint. After a few coats the dresser was done! The handles were painted by simply taping around them and using a gold spray paint (my new best friend). I now have an itch to paint more things gold so keep any eye out for many more gold projects in the future.


  1. I recently repainted my dresser to a light pink/almost white color and I love it! Yours turned out lovely.
    Leah Faye
    e plus l