Saturday, May 4, 2013

the chemex

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is to brew pour over coffee. There is something about this simple process that makes me love coffee even more. I love variety when making coffee but the Chemex has been my favorite method for pour over since I got one this Christmas. It is beautiful, delicious and I can tell I am getting better at it every cup I make.

I have talked lots before about my coffee addition (even how how we roast our own coffee beans) and this is just another extension of that. When I stopped being a barista I decided I needed to make my own coffee bar at home. I cannot afford a fabulous espresso machine so for me that meant buying a burr grinder and lots of pour over options. Many people are intimidated by pour over coffee but you really can end up with a decent cup of coffee your first try. I love it because there is always room for improvement and I have spent months trying to perfect it.


Coffee Beans, ground medium-coarse
Coffee Grinder (burr is preferable to ensure consistent particle size)
Swan Neck Kettle (this is not necessary but will allow more precision when pouring)
A gram scale
A timer

The Method:

1. Open the paper filter so the side with three folds is against the spout. Rinse the filter with hot water and warm the pot. Pour out the water.

2. Add 45 grams coffee. Shake the pot to level.

3. Heat 700 grams water almost to a boil (205°F-210°F). Pour 100 grams over coffee to pre-wet the grounds. Let the grounds "bloom" 30-60 seconds.

4. Using a circular pattern add hot water until it reaches the rim. Let the water drain 1 inch, the top it off (you may have to do this up to 3 times). Keep a close eye on the scale and stop when the weight hits 700g.

5. The drip will slow down to every couple seconds and then your brew is finished. Total brewing time should be 3-4 minutes. From here you can experiment with different grinds to get the perfect cup. If it tastes too thin, try a finer grind or if it is too bitter try a coarser grind. 

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