Monday, May 20, 2013


For some reason I cannot stop talking about spring! All I want to do is fill my home and yard with plants! One thing that you will find in every room of my house right now is succulents. I think the combination of unique shapes, colors and being inexpensive have made them the perfect plant for me. I also love that you can plant them in anything! You can cluster them together to fill a planter or plant them alone in anything from an old mug to a shell. They also a very low maintenance. That makes them the perfect plant for someone who travels a lot or someone who frequently forgets to water them (me...). Here are some tips on caring for succulents.

1. Light. Succulents love bright light but can get burnt if left out in midday sun. I have mine scattered around the house in sunny and not so sunny spots so on the weekends I typically leave them out on the porch to soak up some extra rays. That usually is plenty for them. 

2. Water. Succulents growing season is in the spring and summer so during this time water them about once a week. In the winter they are dormant and only need to be watered every other month. What makes them different from other plants is they like to let the water drain completely out before they are watered again. To water them just use a spray bottle and give them a good soaking. 

(make planting even more fun with McClure's Bloody Mary's and Callie's Pimento Cheese!)

3. Soil. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with succulents is using the wrong soil. Typical potting soil holds moisture so that plants don't dry out but this is the opposite of what a succulent needs. Cactus soil is perfect for succulents because it drains well. It is easy to find in any garden store.

Hopefully these tips will help you successfully start a succulent garden! If you see your succulents getting tall and leggy then they are most likely not getting enough sun. If they are losing color then they may be getting to much sun or too much water. Just keep on eye on them and adapt accordingly!


  1. I never say no to a bloody mary while gardening - sounds like a match made in heaven! I love succulents - we fill our office with them since they are so easy to take care of. We cut them and replant them all the time since they grow so quickly!

    1. I should have made a point about how well they replant!! So smart! Ill have to remember that for the next one...

  2. Succulents are my favourite plants. Whenever I see one, I want it to end up in my house or garden! Thankfully, my boyfriend stops me, because we already have a lot of them and we wouldn't have enough room! Just wait until we move to a bigger house with a bigger garden... It's going to be a SUCCULENT FRENZY! :)

    I love your pictures and tips. :)

    1. I am the same way! I have been shopping for a long table to put by a window just for my plants... I guess there are worse problems to have!