Monday, May 13, 2013

happier home / 11

Cut Flowers. One habit I have adopted over the past few months is having cut flowers around the house. I spent years never thinking twice about flowers but once I bought them I could never go back. Having cut flowers can be as simple as grabbing a $4 bunch at the grocery store, planting your own or if you are lucky enough to have a farmers market you can always find amazing arrangements there. I find myself picking up a new batch from the grocery store every other week and I have recently planted Zinnias so hopefully in not too long those will be filling my home with color. I even find myself just picking anything that is flowering in the yard. When Azaleas were blooming I would cut a branch and stick it in a simple jar and it was a lovely, easy arrangement. Being on the coast also means I can always clip a large palm leaf from the yard and that lasts in a vase for weeks! Get creative with what is around you and you might find yourself enjoying afternoons clipping a few things for the dinner table. 


  1. I LOVE fresh flowers on the table--they just make it better! I'm thinking about getting a window box for my condo so I can indulge in a little bit of gardening (and haha, check it off my summer bucket list. There's always a list for a motivator for me).

    1. oh my goodness i would LOVE a window box!