Tuesday, April 2, 2013

the perfect camera bag

The perfect camera bag is a constant search of mine. Wedding season is beginning and I have lots of trips planned this year so I am always searching for the perfect bag for my camera and accessories. I currently am using a vintage bag similar to this one that I added camera pouches to but it just isn't cutting it. As adorable as it is, it isn't the most versatile bag and it can get heavy very quickly. I am hoping to retire it soon so are some bags I am scouting out for a hopeful investment this year. I have had my eye on number 1 (for me) and 2 (for Jim) for over a year now but I just haven't been able to take the plunge (the $700 plunge that is).

1. The Palma by ONA, 2. The Camps Bay by ONA 3. Charlotte by Epiphane, 4. The Brooklyn by ONA, 5. Georgia Nautical by JoTotes

1 comment:

  1. I love the 4th one, and I'm in love with Epiphanie bags too! Great choices.