Friday, April 19, 2013

happy weekend!

Happy Friday! I hope you have had a wonderful week. I have an exciting weekend ahead of me due to my amazing friend Betsy visiting from St. Louis and spending a fun day at Amelia Island. Anyone have suggestions on where I should eat or anything I need to see while I'm there? I am hoping to have a weekend full of beach time no matter which island I am on so hopefully the weather cooperates. Do you have any fabulous plans for the weekend? Here are some interesting reads for a lazy Saturday morning!

A little braidspiration.

How about an app that scans 35 mm film onto your phone? Talk about #tbt!

I totally agree with this apartment dealbreaker list.

This 52 Lists project is inspiring! (via Maiedae)

Thinking about trying this diy dry shampoo.

An amazing attic makeover.

Fascinating behind-the-scenes photographs of movies.

Love the new Rifle iPhone cases!

The perfect shoes.

Amazing video that will make you think!


  1. This last video is amazing. It brought tears to my eyes. And I love the behind the scenes photos, that one with Darth Vador is awesome! :)

    Have a fun weekend with your friend!