Monday, April 1, 2013

happier home / 08

Bringing a room back to "ready." I have heard this tip from my mom for YEARS and I have finally decided to adopt it. I must admit it really has made all the difference. There are many strategies to this so you have to see what works best for you. You can spend a few minutes in each room as you leave it or every night before bed everyone can take 10 minutes to get the house back to order. Either way you maintain a more organized home which can help you avoid those afternoons of feeling totally overwhelmed by home, work etc (am I the only one who has that happen?). I have found it is so much easier to maintain order than to have to constantly recreate it. It truthfully only takes a few minutes! Another option is to take a second every time you leave a room and put something out of place back in its place. There really are so many ways to do this but I have found that spending a minute or two in each room before you leave it has worked best for me. Try this for a week! You will never go back. Do you have any other strategies for maintaining order?


  1. I love this tip - I try to do it at least by the end of every evening but some nights I just decide to go to bed. And that's when the clutter builds up!