Friday, April 5, 2013

diy natural linen spray

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I’m Gina’s friend Sarah DeShaw. My official job is a wedding photographer, but I always love concocting natural recipes at home.

Lately I’ve been making my house smell lovely through the following recipe:

DIY Natural Linen Spray


-at least 40 drops of your favorite essential oils (I used sage and lavendar together)
-one tablespoon Vodka (this breaks down the oil so it can be diffused into the water)
-medium sized recycled spray bottle

Optional (and helpful):


1) Mix together the vodka and essential oil(s) of your choice into your spray bottle via a funnel.

2) Swirl the vodka and essential oils until they are mixed together well. Don’t worry your room spray won’t smell like vodka. :)

3) Fill the rest of the bottle up with water, seal, and give it a couple shakes.

4) Test out your spray and see if you would like to add more essential oils to make it stronger. Also, if for some reason your oil isn’t mixing into the water add more vodka.

5) Enjoy and let us know if you try it out!

Sarah DeShaw

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