Tuesday, April 23, 2013

container gardening

I was so blessed this past weekend to have my fabulous friend Betsy in town. She is a genius when it comes to anything garden related and I honestly put her to work this vacation. I have been desperately needing someone to get myself and my garden back on track so she was such an answered prayer for me. She helped me figure out how to make the most of my yard and especially my front stoop.

I have an amazing back yard but unfortunately it is mostly shaded. I have tried tons of options for planting back there but I never get very far. Finally, I opted to try plants out on my front stoop which gets amazing sun. I had a few herbs up there and they seemed to do very well. This is where Betsy helped a ton. I only had a measely 3 plants on my stoop and she tripled my herb garden in one afternoon. She taught me how to plant certain plants together based on whether they like moist or well drained soil and encouraged me to start making a compost tea to make sure they keep on getting nutrients. She also taught me the "thrill, fill and spill" method. This means in a pot have a tall item (like lemongrass), a filler (basil or sage), and a spiller (like mint or thyme). My pots now are lush and lovely and will provide plenty of herbs for us.

With her encouragement I also stepped out and tried a few new herbs. I had always had mint but we found an amazing orange mint variety (pictured above spilling out of the hanging basket). It smells amazing and looks just as lovely. I also added in some sage and lemon thyme that I think will make some amazing summer meals! I am especially excited to make some delicious teas with my different kinds of mint and lavender.

If you are one of those that thinks you can't garden because you only have a stoop or a small balcony you really should consider container gardening! Last year I had all my herbs in the ground and now that they are in pots they are not only more accessible but they are growing just as well!

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  1. This mint is beautiful and everything looks great! We have a small garden so half of our plants and herbs are in pots and pallets that we transformed by hand. :)