Monday, March 18, 2013

monday giveaway!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I spent all last week focusing on spring cleaning in the home so I thought in celebration I would do a little giveaway. Over and over I talk about the wonders of Castile Soap when making your own cleaners. I love having a bottle of this around the house because it can clean almost anything in the house (even the dog!) and it contains 100% all natural ingredients.

Today I am giving 2 lucky readers the chance to give it a shot too! I have two 17 oz bottles of Kiss My Face Peace Soap ready and waiting to arrive on your doorstep. All you have to do is comment below with your favorite cleaning tip.

One winner will be chosen randomly Wednesday March 20th at 10am EST. Open to US residents only.

*This contest has closed and congrats to Betsy and Adam for winning!


  1. Yay for giveaways! I really appreciated your post about making beds. I generally do make mine, but that article has encouraged me to make it a no-question habit.

    Another sanity-driven cleaning habit for me is wiping off the counter incessantly. I have 3 other roommates who do not always prioritize this task, but I've realized that unless my counter is clean, I'm not a happy camper! So, that would be my favorite cleaning tip. Clean your counters, make your bed, and enjoy!

  2. I'm all about the 5 or 10 minute "sweep" before bed! I'll watch the clock, and spend either 5 or 10 minutes intentionally putting everything away that needs to be put away, straightening up odds and ends, wiping down counters, and fluffing cushions.

  3. Christina had the idea a few months ago to make it a rule to not go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. Pretty simple and not a huge task like cleaning the whole house, which makes me feel overwhelmed and less likely to start! Most nights simply washing the dishes motivates me to put dishes away and then tidy up the house before bed--chain reaction!

  4. dangit! I commented on the wrong post! Should I comment again down here?? Boo.

    1. hahaha you did fine. i love the sponge idea! i cant wait to hear how it works!

  5. Gina! I love your blog - and your cleaning tips - I am the last person to be giving advice about cleaning - but one thing that helps me is to give myself a time limit - heather and i did this growing up and it always motivated me to get as much done as possible before the timer went off!

  6. hello! I love giveaways!!! and i love you! :)

    hmm cleaning. you know I'm a crazy cleaning woman ;) lets see.. i love to dust (do it about once a week) and i love to clean my sink. Sounds weird but I am mildly obsessed with cleaning my sink and making sure it stays shiny! haha. I also like to clean the microwave with vinegar and water. I think these things make me feel productive or something. but i like it so there ya go.

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  8. Lindsey and I have been making a choice to clean up right away after hosting folks. Too often it was becoming a burden to clean, and a huge stressor waking up to a funktified kitchen the next morning. So, now we make a choice to get it done right away. We've discovered it's a great time to unwind by discussing how the hosting went, how the recipe was and how much we enjoy being blessed with a home to actually host.

  9. My favorite way to clean is by cleaning the air with essential oils/herbs. I boiled a pot of rosemary to inhale while I was sick with the flu and it filled the house and smelled so nice for a while. There are other herbs to use that would do just the trick :) (I hope i'm not too late in entering!)