Saturday, March 30, 2013

happy weekend!

Happy Easter weekend! I hope you have wonderful plans with family for the weekend. Jim and I were supposed to try a yard sale today but chickened out and sat in the sun reading magazines instead. I am hoping to have a sunny and restful Sunday and then head right back to work Monday! I hope you have enjoyed talking detox this week and are inspired to try one. I think I am at least going to try a weekend one soon. I am finding more and more things that are inspiring my spring clean so here are some things that may inspire you too (and of course just some fun ones).

I am a little late on this but this March Wellness Project looks amazing.

I desperately need to do this Floor-to-Ceiling Guide to Spring Cleaning.

I thought this book would be a great read after a month of cleaning out the house.

How hilarious are these Zoo Portraits?

I loved these videos on keeping an organized home (maybe a little obsessed with this lately).

How fabulous is the new Kate Spade Saturday line?

The new issue of Rue is definitely something worth browsing this weekend.

Top five off-peak destinations for Spring 2013 (Jim and I are thinking Istanbul!)

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