Thursday, March 21, 2013

happier home / 06

Doing kind things for your roommate without asking for anything in return. This is taking a step outside of the typical happier home posts which mostly revolved around simplicity in the home but I love this idea. One of the biggest things that can contribute to happiness are relationships and your roommate (or for me, spouse) is often the closest person to you. This can be as complicated as deep cleaning the house while they are gone or as simple as taking out the trash. I know Jim is amazed when I do jobs that are typically his without him even asking. One of the things that blesses him the most is food. If I come home with his favorite snack or make a batch of nut butter (pictured above) he is in heaven. It is funny how much taking 5 minutes to make nut butter can bless him and I immediately feel convicted for not doing it every day. Anyway this is one habit I am adopting and trying to be much more intentional with. Do you have any kind things you do "just because" for your roomies?

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