Wednesday, March 13, 2013

happier home / 04

Light a candle. I am realizing more and more that home is where we should feel the most relaxed and nurtured and it is up to me to make that a priority. Too often I save the best things for guests and don't use the softest towels or light my favorite candle just for me. This year I have gotten into a new habit and I am loving it. The minute I walk in the door I light a candle. When I sit down at my desk I light a candle and so on. What can uplift a home faster than a delicious smell? I used to think Jim was insane for buying what I thought were silly, expensive candles (especially this one) but now I realize how much I love a nice clean scent in the house. Anything from a lovely candle to the smell of a delicious meal can make a house feel even more like home.

(I found that candle and Target and thought it was too perfect for this month to not buy)


  1. I love having candles burning in the house, especially when we have people over! It's so relaxing and creates such a comforting glow. Although, after the holidays I got out of the habit and haven't gotten back into it!

    1. I so agree! Everything I am learning goes back to being intentional. The candles won't light themselves gina... haha!