Tuesday, March 19, 2013

closet clutter

I am more and more coming to the realization that I don't wear too many of the clothes in my closet. This might not be such a problem except Jim and I share a closet that is no wider then me. It is quite a feat I must admit. As I am thinking through how to make this arrangement work I am realizing the problem I have is either due to an emotional attachment to my clothes or the thought "oh, this might come back in style." I really have to be honest to edit my closet. Here are some of the steps I am taking to make that happen.

1. First find a day where you can set aside plenty of time for this. If you are going to do it well you need to have time to try lots of things on.

2. Ok so you set aside the time. Where to begin? I begin by going through my closet and drawers and set aside anything I haven't worn in a year. From here decide what you don't want and what needs a critical eye. Bring in a trusted friend (or spouse) to help you judge what you should and shouldn't keep. While you are doing this make sure you are not keeping things for emotional reasons but because you truly will wear them.

3. The next step in editing is taking out those clothes that you just don't feel fabulous in. Decide if they just won't do and get rid of them or maybe decide if you want to try to alter them to fit. Lately I am realizing how many pieces I have that I love the way they look but I don't like the fit. I am starting make a pile of things to take to get altered in hopes of giving them new life. Here are some of Goop's Golden Rules of Editing to help with this step too.

4. Now check for duplicate items. Pick your favorite and get rid of the other! You will love the extra space much more than the options.

5. Wow, that was a lot of decisions. So your closet is feeling much lighter and you are starting to realize this isn't so bad. BUT no one wants to do this again. How do we keep the closet like this? One strategy I love is to live seasonally. This will make you look through your clothes each year and keep more space in your closet. Simply put out of season clothes in an under bed bin. Even in a place like St. Simons where it is 70-80 degrees most of the year I still find this step very helpful. Another rule I have adopted is every time I buy a new piece of clothing I have to get rid of one. This will keep you from getting cluttered all over again.

6. Now the exciting part. What do we do with all those discarded clothes? Plan a yard sale! Get together with some friends and make an event of it. Or for your more valuable items take advantage of sites like Ebay. Getting rid of clothes will be much more fun if you are getting paid for it!

I hope these steps inspired and helped you to downsize your closet! Let me know if you have any other strategies I may need to adopt!



  1. Replies
    1. thanks irene! easier said than done!! i think im still stuck at step one...

  2. I did this just yesterday! :) Except when I declutter my closet (something I've done three times in the last year because, as you mentionned, I haven't been honest with my choices) I do it fast, otherwise I think too much and keep things that I shouldn't keep. :)

    Love your posts! :)

    1. Three times a year? Impressive. I am slowly learning to be honest too. Thanks for the support!!

    2. This was exceptional, since I hadn't decluttered my closet for years. :) Hopefully I'll only do it once a year from now on, since I'm not a huge shopper.