Friday, February 1, 2013

travel kit

With last year being filled with out of town weddings and work trips to Atlanta I think I have perfected the weekend bag. I have strategized over and over how to not carry three bags plus a hanging bag or how to not have a giant bag to lug around the whole weekend. Some secrets I have found is black is my friend, I can pair it with anything and make multiple outfits and to plan outfits around one cardigan and jacket so that I don't have to pack lots of large items. Aside from clothes these are my few go to items for a weekend away.

1. By Boe Necklace - this necklace goes with everything and doesn't tangle when packed
2. Field Notes Notebook - to record those fabulous finds throughout your trip
3. Yes To Facial Wipes - to freshen up on the long days out and about
4. Headphones - for a quiet moment in a coffee shop
5. Ballet Flats - they pack tiny and go with everything
6. A Good Magazine - for the car ride or any downtime.
7. iPhone - for directions, schedule and so much more
8. Emi-Jay Hair Ties - the best hair ties, they are lovely and comfortable and totally addicting
9. Fuji Instax Camera - the best, compact, instant film camera 


  1. Great tips for simple and light traveling. I'm always looking for ways to decrease to amount of stuff I take on trips.
    Also, could you please give information about the tote in the photograph?

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! The bag is the amazing weekender tote from Everlane. One of my favorite Christmas presents this year!

      Heres the link: