Monday, February 11, 2013

how to: valentine's sweater

I have finally decided to embrace Valentine's Day. I typically let it pass by unnoticed but being cynical isn't nearly fun as being cheesy. Last week I even started strategizing what red or heart-inspired items I have to help celebrate this week. I have always loved this sweater but I could never bring myself to splurge and buy it. I decided since Valentine's is here I would DIY one for myself. It isn't nearly as lovely but it is perfect for me and only took about 15 minutes. Here is how in case you are thinking of cheesing up Valentine's with me.

adapted from with an ie

a sweater you don't mind updating
fabric (I used wool felt but if I had polyester I would have used that, neither will fray)
fusible web
needle and thread

the steps

1. Cut a heart pattern out of paper and hold it up to your sweater to make sure it is the right size.

2. Iron the fusible web on the backside of your fabric. Use your pattern to cut your fabric into a heart.

3. Peel off paper from the fusible web and place it where you want it on the sweater (you may want to try it on to help with placement). Iron on the heart.

4. Sew around the edge for a more finished look.

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