Friday, February 15, 2013

happy weekend!

I hope you have had a wonderful week! The weather has been absolutely loco here. We were teased with some wonderful beach weather (I'm talking 85 degrees) and now this weekend is getting into the 30's. So disappointing. I was ready to break out my bathing suit and head to the ocean! Either way my main plan for the weekend is to prep for a yard sale. We are clearing out everything in our closets and garage and trying once again to simplify our lives. I hope you have great plans for the weekend! Here are some fabulous reads for you.

Have you head of the Sketchbook Project? It sounds super cool.

I may be a little obsessed with honeycomb and this would be perfect for my home.

This book looks amazing!

Great ideas for an Ikea Cabinet.

Tips for the perfect skin.

Such a cute computer case DIY.

11 delicious looking Nutella Recipes.

If you are an Atlanta Area Blogger you should definitely check this out!

What I would give for these flats.

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