Tuesday, January 1, 2013

hello there 2013

So it finally arrived. I don't know how to explain how excited I have been for 2013 to arrive. 2012 was a tough year for Jim and me so we have been proclaiming "2013 here I come" for a few months now. I love the idea of a new year and all it can bring. This year more than even I have noticed how much paying attention to a new day, a new season, and finally a new year has helped. This year was so exhausting emotionally that I really have been using this winter to hibernate and as cheesy as it sounds I am so looking forward to spring. I am not meaning to sound like a total hippie but finding rhythm like this has gotten me through this year.

So now that I have reached 2013 I am already dreaming about what this year will look like. I've never been one to stick to resolutions but I do have a lot of things in mind that I would love to be a part of 2013. Here are a few

1. Hello Gina. I am realizing how much moving to a new place with totally new people helps you decide who you are. I only knew one person in St. Simons when I moved here so I really had the opportunity to start over without the pressure of others opinions. I can see myself slowly come alive and growing into myself and it is slightly scary (I never would have thought I liked wearing heels and red lipstick but apparently I do!). I really want to keep on learning about myself, what I love and if I could do anything in the world what would that be. Answering that question has been really difficult for me so I am excited to have this year to get closer to that answer.

2. You Look Good. Confidence has been one of the major things on my mind for the past few months. I am starting to do networking with businesses, investors, bloggers, photographers etc and it has been really exciting. The biggest disappointment is that I don't ever give myself credit for what I bring other people. I am so uncomfortable promoting myself that I am missing opportunities to do the things I am created to do. I am learning so much about this and I am really looking forward to what opportunities open up as I grow in my confidence.

3. Now Stay That Way. How can I be more balanced? This is probably one of the things I think about the most. I love finding new ways to take care of myself, body, soul and spirit. I can very quickly tell when I've lost touch with these so I am hoping that each year I pursue this it will become more and more natural. I also want to do a better job sharing all I am learning on balance here. I find myself not writing about those things because I don't feel anywhere close to an expert but I also know that I am leaving out a huge part of myself by not sharing that.

So hopefully that is me in 2013. I hope you have taken the time to think through this year. It really can be a new beginning if you let it! Later this week I am meeting with my dear friend Sarah to discuss goals, plans and dreams for the new year. I am so excited to have her accountability this year! Have you thought of meeting with someone for this? I think saying your plans out loud is so important! What are some of your goals for the new year?



  1. One of my resolutions is to pass out Gina business cards;)
    -Paula VB