Thursday, January 17, 2013

feel better tea

Everywhere I turn around someone I know is sick. I spent most of today disinfecting my home and work because I am terrified im going to get the funk or worse, the flu. Two weeks ago both Jim and I were not feeling well and decided instead of bombarding our bodies with medicines we didn't understand we spent a day sleeping and drinking tea. It was amazing how much better I felt the next day and my sickness never progressed beyond a sore throat. That experience reinforced to me how important it is to rest and drink plenty of fluids the minute you start to feel sick (like mom always said...). There is about a 24 hour window that if you start doing things to boost your immunity you really can beat a cold before it starts. 

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful friend bring me juice that day (beets, onions and garlic - it was not the tastiest but it had to work!), some probiotic pills (if you sprinkle them on your throat they will help the good bacteria out number the bad) and this spray to help boost my immunity. Aside from all those goodies my favorite thing I tried in my kick of beating a cold naturally was a home made tea. When I made the first batch Jim and I were blown away by how delicious and soothing it was. The tea is simple and easy and totally worth trying if you aren't feeling well. It features thyme (alleviates chest congestion and helps respiratory function), throat-soothing honey and sage, and lemon (rich in vitamin-C)I would recommend drinking it at least twice a day and to help suppress a cough and help clear up any respiratory issues. Here is the recipe

Cough Control Tea
Serves 1
Adapted from Whole Living
1/2 lemon*, peeled and rind reserved 
1 t sage (fresh or dried)
1/2 t thyme (fresh or dried)

Pour hot water over the lemon rind, sage and thyme. Cover and let steep for 15 minutes. Strain the tea and add the remaining juice from lemon and 1 T honey. 

* use organic if possible


  1. I love this tea! The first time I had it I was actually in Italy and I went to the local coffee shop. I told them that I had a cough and they made me something nearly identical to this! Ever since, I've made this because it always works!

    1. It really is the best! I am actually planning a trip to Italy for the fall so I will have to get some tips from you before we go!

  2. I love these pictures as much as the recipe! Tea always saves the day, in the end. :)

    1. You are too kind and I couldn't agree more. I think this cold weather has made me a tea addict. Could be worse!