Tuesday, January 15, 2013

desk redo

I am happy to be back home from a busy week at the Atlanta Mart! It was such a cool experience and I was so amazed by the creative people there. The hard part now is waiting for all our goodies to arrive!! I have to admit one of my favorite showrooms were Russel and Hazel. They had me totally inspired to redo my desk (one of my new year resolutions). I am now in full-time dream mode trying to think of the perfect way to make my office I place I love and not a place I avoid. I am doing way to much work from bed these days!! Here are some items that are calling my name.

1. Wacom Tablet (one of my favorite christmas gifts!), 2. Tissue Calendar by Russel and Hazel, 3. Washi Tape, 4. Check List Stamp by MUJI, 5. Le Pen Set, 6. Planner by Poketo, 7. Eraser

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