Thursday, December 13, 2012

holiday survival kit

I have no idea why but it seems this holiday is unusually (and wonderfully) busy for me. I think the biggest difference between this year and past holidays is I actually love what I am filling my day with. I have so much more energy each day just because I love what I am doing. I would say more days than not I leave the house at 8 am and don't get back until after dinner and that is fine by me! The biggest challenge with being out all day is knowing what I need to bring with me. After many years of poor packing, I think this season I have perfected the art of the big bag.

The Bag
: The first survival kit challenge is the perfect bag. Not to casual, not too heavy and large enough to fit all your stuff! I also had the requirement that it fit in my bike basket (which it BARELY does). I love this leather Coach bag I picked up at a yard sale ($3 thank you very much). It's durable, cute and perfectly worn in.

Hydration: I always carry around this fabulous brk bottle. It is the perfect size to lug around and I love the way it looks! I also always have a few varieties of tea so if I am at work or visiting Jim at the office I can always have a cozy pick me up. 

Reading Material: I find myself with little pockets of time throughout the day whether it is waiting at the doctors office or an hour break between work and dinner. In those pockets I love to have a book or the iPad with me so I can enjoy that hour in a coffee shop reading this fabulous book or even catching up on emails. 

The Beauty Kit: This season I have learned how much better I feel if I leave the house feeling put together. My secret weapon, red lipstick. I realized that I could be in a casual sweater and jeans but if I put on lipstick I instantly feel stylish. It really is my new best friend. Also these hair ties are the best for when you get sick of wearing your hair down (I'm still not used to long hair so I pull it back A LOT). This gold pouch is the perfect place to keep all these goodies too.

The Baggu Bag: If you have been following me for a while you know I am a huge baggu fan. I love the concept that this tiny bag expands to fit my groceries, last minute shopping items or even my lunch for the day. It really is wonderful. They come in so many adorable styles it is hard to choose just one!

The Snacks: One of my greatest weaknesses is snacking. It doesn't matter how substantial of a lunch I eat, I am hungry within an hour or two. I hate spending all my money on eating out so I always try and throw some snacks in my bag for the day. I love clementines being in season so I am always stocked on those and an assortment of nuts or trail mix.

The Clutch: This clutch was another great yard sale find. I love throwing it in the big bag so when I need to, I can leave my mega bag behind. Its perfect for running into dinner or a quick shopping trip. The color is perfect and somehow matches everything I wear. 

The Umbrella: Because sometimes it rains.