Monday, December 10, 2012

gift guide pt. 1: for your sister who you nicknamed martha and always lets you crash when you need a weekend in the city

Welcome to Gift Guide week! This week I will be hi-lighting lots of ideas for those last minute gifts you are looking for (is 2 day shipping your best friend too?)... I hope you are inspired with the perfect gift for those you love and because girls are always more fun to shop for we will have to start with gifts for her!

1. Autographed Young House Love, 2. Shawl Collar Coat from Need Supply, 3. Souri Necklace from Need Supply, 4. Wool Blanket from Brookfarm General Store, 5. Sea Salt Soap from CB2, 6. Kinfolk Magazine, 7. Gold Flatware Set from West Elm, 8. Moroccan Market Bag from Beldi  


  1. Kinfolk mag, definitely makes a lovely gift!

    1. I agree! That was on my christmas list too...

  2. Replies
    1. so jealous!! i hope you are enjoying it!