Thursday, November 8, 2012

turn your instagram photos into books!

With my joining of the iPhone generation I quickly fell in love with the infamous Instagram. I always thought I would never be 'that' person always checking it but I just might be. It has been such a fun way to stay connected especially now that we have moved away from family and friends. Also, if you follow me (@ginatowson) you know I love bragging on my lovely chicks and bees.

Until I discovered Artifact Uprising I had never thought more about what to do with those beloved photos that come and go so quickly! Artifact Uprising has created the neatest books to display and remember your photos. I love the idea of doing one seasonally combining mine and Jim's photos. It definitely makes me want to step up my shots! Here are some examples of their super cool books.

spotted on: decor8

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  1. Hey, My name is Laura and I blog about tips for displaying printed Instagram photos. I have been doing lots of looking around to find unique ideas and I just want to let you know I love this idea! I love seeing the crafty ideas that people create to display their Instagram photos! thank you for the inspiration and thank you for sharing. I really hope this idea inspires people to print their Instagram photos!