Thursday, November 29, 2012

diy hanging planters

This is probably my favorite of Jim's projects! I really am amazed at how wonderful these planters turned out and they have added so much to our screened in porch. I am pretty much trying to think of a way to put some up in every room of the house now! They were pretty easy to make so I may be able to convince Jim to whip up a few more. Have I convinced you to make some for yourself? Lets get started...

adapted from 3191Q

1/8 inch thick cotton rope
pearl cotton embroidery floss in various colors
metal ring, pulley or closed hook
potted plant

the steps
*These steps are to create a holder that hangs approximately three feet and holds a small potted plant

1. Cut four lengths of rope eight feet long. Thread through ring so that the rope doubles over at midpoint. There will be eight pieces of rope hanging down.

2. Grasp the rope tightly and tie with a length of floss close to the ring. Continue to wrap the floss tightly and firmly around the rope. Tie off floss at desired length and switch colors, covering the ends of the previous color with new floss. Continue in this manner until you have reached total length desired and then trim the ends.

3. Hang the ring from a hook and measure down 24 inches. Grasp two lengths of rope and tie using a grouped overhand knot. Repeat three more times with remaining six lengths of rope, taking care that the knots are even with each other.

4. Take two sets of knots and tie one piece of rope from each together about 6 inches down. Work your way around tying the remaining length of rope to one from the adjacent knot. Gather all the lengths of rope together about 3 inches from the last knots tie and wrap with floss as you did at the top. Trim rope ends to desired length.

5. Place pot in the holder and spread out rope so that it is held securely. The first group of knots should be above the pot and the second group should be at the mid point of the pot. You can always adjust the level of the knots to suit the size of the pot you are using.

Hang from a hook and enjoy!


  1. These are awesome! Love them!! Love y'all!

  2. cool...

  3. Yay thank you. Nowhere has small enough hanging planters for cheap. I need one small enough to hang an aloe plant in my kitchen window and now I can make a perfect size!

  4. Made one today. Very easy, great instructions and perfect bathroom colour match result!

    1. Where did you find the cotton rope? Everything I've found is a cotton poly blend and looks synthetic

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