Thursday, November 1, 2012

bulbs to plant now

I have never been much of a flower person. I would have to consider myself more of a gardener with purpose and typically gravitate to growing herbs and such. Recently, that opinion has changed for me. Every time I go home I am so jealous of my moms colorful bouquet of zinnias and how it brings life to every room. I try and steal some when I can and when I get back home my house comes alive with color too! This fall I decided to try my hand at planting bulbs so in the spring I may be able to enjoy some color of my own. I find it much more rewarding (and affordable) growing my own and not just buying them at the store. Anyway if you are like me and new to the whole bulb thing, here are some that are ready to plant now.


One of the easiest spring-blooming bulbs to grow is daffodils. Plant most daffodils pointy side up and about 8 inches deep. When you are picking your bulbs look for bulbs with more than one "nose" or pointy end. They will usually bloom best.

Some popular varieties are Thalia, Jack Snipe, Tete a Tete and Baby Moon. There is tons of infromation on daffodils on the web but I found this and this article very helpful.

Siberian Squill

These are easy to grow, spread over time and display a beautiful blue color. While daffodils favor sun, these beautiful blooms thrive in the shade. Think those are the right one for you? Here is some more detailed information on planting Siberian Squills.

Globemaster Allium 

I immediately fell in love with these. Surprisingly these lovelies are part of the onion family too! They are known for their resistance to pests so plant these and don't worry about those pesky rabbits and deer trying to steal your blooms. Plant alliums in any well-drained garden soil in full sun and they will be an exciting unique bloom for your spring garden. Here is some more info on the lovely Allium family.


This stunning gold flower is typically the first bulb to flower after a long winter. Also known as "Goldilocks" this bloom is a beautiful deep yellow and can bloom even before the snow has melted. They thrive in well drained soil and in full to partial sun. Here is some great information on the awesome Crocus if that seems to be the one for you!

Finally if you are like me and are new to the world of bulbs, here is a great article on bulb planting! Now you can go get ready for spring flowers with confidence!

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