Monday, October 29, 2012

the mushrooms have arrived!

Earlier this fall I posted how we were trying to grow mushrooms and our hard work has finally paid off. The beauties are starting to come in and man are they cool looking! I love how unique every mushroom is and they are just as delicious as they are beautiful. The best thing about mushrooms is that not only are they the best addition to any stir fry or saute but they are really good for you! 

Mushrooms are nothing short of fascinating. They are actually 90% water which is why they shrink so much when dried. Mushrooms have a high glutamic acid content which makes them so rich and the perfect addition to vegetarian dishes to make you not miss meat at all! Not only that, mushrooms may help ward off cancer by revving up your immune system. Each variety of mushrooms contains an abundance of polysaccharides, molecules that help promote an increase in natural-killer-cell activity, which can wipe out malignant cells! That's reason enough to add these babies to your next batch of soup. 

Now that these guys are coming in full force I will be doing lots of mushroom experiments but some of my favorite recipes so far have been this easy one, these asian tacos and these baked along with whatever fish looks good at the market. 

source: whole living


  1. What kind are they and where are you growing them? How long was it before the baby 'shrooms began to produce?

    1. Hi there! I think most of your answers are in my first post ( There I included a great link with info and where to order them. I believe they took around three months to get to this point but it may be a little longer than that. Hope that helps!