Thursday, October 18, 2012

the chicken party

I knew I would love having chickens but I don't think I anticipated how much I would love it. I REALLY love my chicks. They are so funny! Some nights I could sit and watch them for hours. I love starting my morning with visiting them and if you saw this shot the other day you know they love seeing me too. I didn't know how I was going to feel coming back home after such a long and draining week but now I am realizing how much gardening, beekeeping and now chicken farming is therapeutic for me. I love taking the time in the afternoon to see what mother nature has in store and enjoying the simple things in life. So deep, I know...

Because I am so in love with my chicks I felt they deserved a proper welcome onto this lovely island. To do that we had some friends over to meet them and help pick their names. I am not promising that I always remember who is who but it was a blast naming them! We also had an unveiling the delightful Towson honey for everyone to try. I'm pretty sure at one point the kids were drinking the honey...

We had so much fun that night it has inspired us to host many more farm parties! More on that coming soon. 


  1. Sooooooo, what are the names?

    1. there were too many to choose from so naturally we added middle names too. but they are penelope piper, laverne fancy, and edna sunshine. they are some fancy chicks....

  2. I love it! what a great idea! And you look great! Hosting is one of your strengths! :)