Friday, October 19, 2012

happy weekend!

I am so very glad the weekend is here. I woke up today with big plans of getting things done around the house and yard but instead went on a breakfast date and then spent the afternoon at the park. Oh well. We have a big golf tournament going on down the street so tomorrow I will have my very first PGA experience and go watch some golf! I am not a golf lover but the weather is beautiful here so anything outside will suit me. I hope you have wonderful and restful plans for your weekend! Here are some interesting finds around the web in the meantime.

The Best Looking Apps.

I am over the chickens. Now I want a baby walrus.

Wishing my living room included this chair.

10 Pretty Pumpkins.

Super cool watercolor prints (including the one above).

What a beautiful shop.

The best idea for a kids party.

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