Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the smart notebook

I find it odd that someone as tech ignorant as me has found their way to working from the computer full time but it has happened. I am slowly learning more and more programs and how to work all my gadgets but it has taken forever. Recently, I have seen a light at the end of the tunnel. This light is the perfect combination for those like me who love a pencil and paper but are dependent on technology for work. It is the Evernote smart notebook.

Evernote has teamed with moleskin (who doesn't love moleskin) to make the smart notebook and it really is amazing. You can write on your notebook and then with the Evernote app take a photo of the page and it uploads what you have written to Evernote on your device. The Evernote page camera also automatically improves the contrast of the page and removes any shadows. Evernote has handwritting recognition so not only will your writing be digital but it you will be able to search for it too.

I thought that in itself was amazing but there is more. Included in the notebook is colored smart stickers.  When you put one of these stickers on the page and take a photo, Evernote recognizes the sticker and instantly associates a tag with the note or places it into a notebook that you specify with your Settings.

These beautiful notebooks will be available in pocket ($24.95) and large ($29.95) starting October 1st. I may be too excited though and preorder mine...

source: evernote

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