Thursday, September 13, 2012

substitute side table

One of the things I like to buy least for the home is side tables (well, and air filters). For some reason I just don't ever think they are worth the cost. I would love to run to Urban Outfitters and pick up an adorable side table but they always seem to be more than I'm willing to spend. I also have found I really enjoy the challenge of finding and repurposing something to fit my needs and my budget. I have found tons of options but these are the ones that made the cut in our house.

The Old School Speaker
We just found this baby for $3 but haven't checked to see if it works. Either way its the perfect table for our radio and just the right size for our tiny den.

The Antique Milk Jug
We found this at an antique show and bargained it down to about $30. Of course a few weeks later we found one at our parents house (for free) and are now trying to find a use for a second one! 

The Stacked Suitcases
These have been side tables for many years now! Although at times my lamp is lop-sided, I love the suitcases because they double as storage. We have a tiny closet so I put whatever shoes are not in season in the suitcases until its time to swap out! We found them for about $2 a piece all over yard sales and thrift stores. 

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