Tuesday, September 4, 2012

fall gardening

Are you planning on trying a garden this fall? As always I am a few weeks behind on mine. The end of summer creeped up on me and I am quickly realizing it is time to plant those broccoli and carrots!

I realized this year that changing hardiness zones made me think I had a lot more time to plant before our frost date, but I am quickly realizing that is not so true! If you aren't sure what zone you are in you can find out here. That will be your first clue on when you need to start planting. Once you determine your frost date all you have to do is count back the number of days to maturity plus 18 days for harvest of the crop. For example, if snap beans mature in 55 days and your frost date is November 15, you should plant on or before September 3. You can find the harvest date on your packet of seeds. If your frost date is before November 15th and you are behind (with me) no worries. You can buy transplants that will do you just as well! I prefer seeds simply for the cost savings. 

I am really trying to develop a garden schedule to help myself and to help you! This is one of the best resources I have found to get me there. 

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