Thursday, September 27, 2012

design a tea

Over the past few years my love of tea has grown substantially. I was the person that never understood why someone could drink tea when they could drink coffee but that all has changed. Now that I work from the computer I see the value in getting up on those long afternoons and making a cup of tea to get me back on track. I love exploring all the options out there and finding what flavors I love. I really think there must be a tea for every mood but, no matter what kind, nothing is more relaxing than a good book and a cup of tea.

To expand on the world of tea, there is now a website that allows you to design your own! At first I thought it sounded a little to complicated for me but it really is simple. You pick your base (green, black, etc) and then add whatever flavors you like! It's that easy and an awesome way to make tea for every season (I'm thinking cinnamon or chai for a delicious fall tea). You can get started here!

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