Monday, September 24, 2012


One of my favorite towns to visit on a slow weekend is Savannah. I can typically spend an entire day just exploring the downtown there. On my last trip to Savannah I came across a new shop called Arc. I walked in assuming it must be a ritzy designer from New York and I would quickly step in and out. Little did I know! I walked into the store and immediately fell in love with the entire design. The clothes line was perfect, the store layout was perfect and every detail created a store I would gladly live in. I was so proud to find out this store was developed by a local, Kyle Hinton.

Beyond the perfection of a shop, Kyle Hinton has developed his own gentleman product line Prospector Co. Genius! As soon as I saw these products I immediately pictured them filling Jims Christmas stocking. His product line is all natural using the best pure essential oils. Not only that, they are each individually made by hand. Definitely a shop worth checking out next time you are in the Savannah area!

photos: design sponge

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