Monday, September 17, 2012

adventures in the coop

This weekend was taken over by our coop building. Our goal was to do it as cost efficiently as possible and I would say we succeeded. We repurposed old doors and cabinets rather then spending tons on lumber and were able to make the whole coop for under $100. Aside from a few minor adjustments that we will make this week it should be ready for chickens any day now! We are currently shopping around for chicks and are hoping to get them a week from today! We really are excited and are loving our little farm.

Day 1 involved LOTS of digging. Our hands are still raw from all the ground work. It started as a raised bed for herbs and now is an empty frame. I'll say a good days work! To save money on the nesting boxes we headed to Habitat Restore and used old cabinets. What should have cost us $50 only cost $15. 

All I remember from Day 2 was lots of pricked fingers. Who knew chicken wire was such a pain? The important thing is that the wire is installed and the door is functioning! It actually looks like a place chickens would like to live. We also have created a little path to make it easier to get to the bees (and left space for a second hive...). 

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