Wednesday, August 8, 2012

we're shrooming!

It's true. We are growing mushrooms! It is much easier then I'd ever imagined too. This was another endeavor started by my dad (like the bees...) and passed along to me. I am one lucky girl! You can start your own too and enjoy the benefits of delicious, healthy, and fresh mushrooms! We chose to grow Shiitake but you can also try Oysters, Maitake, or Reishi mushrooms.

To start your own mushroom farm you simply need logs, a drill, mushroom plugs and wax. How simple is that! This is the best tutorial on how to cultivate mushrooms in logs.

If you are in a small space or that sounds like a little to much for you Back to the Roots has created their own mushroom kit that grows directly from the box its shipped in! Sounds like a fun family project or a great gift for your geeky friend! 

We are still a few months away from harvesting our mushrooms but once we do I will surely share pics and lots of recipes! I am looking forward to lots of mushroom soup this winter! 

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