Thursday, August 16, 2012

the hello there home library

I have been told for years that I am the least fun person to buy gifts for because all I ask for is books. I don't know why everyone doesn't hope their presents under the tree are books but apparently I'm different. One of the my favorite requests for a birthday or christmas gift is always a cookbook. I have acquired a fairly large cookbook collection but over the past few years these cookbooks have shined through as my "go to's."

1. The Grit Cookbook
This cookbook is from our favorite restaurant in Athens, GA. We love The Grit and every time we head back to Athens its the first place we plan dinner. This cookbook is full of fun, vegetarian variations of the best southern recipes.

2. Power Foods
My favorite thing about this cookbook is it is centered around 38 "power foods". At the beginning of the book they even discuss each power food in detail. It was a great resource for knowing what's so great about them, when they are in season, how to store them and, even better, how to cook them.

3. Clean Food
This book is arranged by seasons which I love. I am now addicted to cookbooks that break up their recipes by season. It makes the book seem much less overwhelming to me and I know I am eating food at its peak. This book is focused on cooking ingredients closest to their source. It full of healthy, delicious recipes that made me step out into using ingredients I'd never tried before.

4. The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook
This book is probably the prettiest cookbook I own. Not that that matters but their illustrations and photos make this cookbook even more fun to flip through. Its recipes are also organized by season and are the fruit of two men moving to a farm and learning to live from the land. They are recipes you will want to have year after year.

5. Super Natural Everyday
This is another beautiful cookbook. Heidi Swanson is well known for her website 101 cookbooks (which is equally wonderful). Super Natural Everyday is full of good for you ingredients making amazing recipes. Most recipes are quick and simple to cook so its a wonderful cookbook for a busy night.

6. Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home
I admit I am a Martha Stewart lover. If I am looking for the best recipe for chocolate cake, banana bread or even macaroni and cheese I am headed in her direction. This recipe book is centered around full dinners from appetizers to dessert and they are delicious. You can turn to one page and have an entire dinner party planned. These recipes also won't keep you in the kitchen all day preparing. In my opinion you cant go wrong with Martha.


  1. Love your cookbooks! Let's be are probably the easiest person to buy gifts for. I sent you a Murray family tshirt for your birthday and you were thrilled :)

    1. that is true! but thats mostly because your family is the coolest.